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Valmy is a committed firm that promotes respect for the environment and the people and is aware of its social responsibility. Its strategy is organized around the following four pillars:

I. Reduction our paper consumption

In order to preserve the environment and biodiversity, the firm constantly seeks to reduce its paper consumption by the following means:

·       Printing or copying documents only when necessary ;

·       Systematic printing on both sides and in black and white, with some exceptions;

·       Prioritization of electronic archiving;

·       Preferential use of electronic signatures;

·       Integration in our email signature of the mention "only print this email if necessary";



II. Reduction of energy consumption


In order to limit our carbon footprint, the firm has identified the following levers to reduce its energy consumption:​

​​​·       Use of light bulbs that reduce our energy consumption (LED or low consumption);

·       No lighting in unoccupied rooms, total extinction of lights in the office at night and on weekends;

·       Switching off computers and computer screens, not putting them on standby in case of prolonged absence (evening and midday in particular);

·       Increased use of public transport (bus, bicycle) and train instead of plane);

·       Reasonable temperature control within our premises.

III. Reduction of our waste


·       Organization of selective sorting and recycling of consumables in the office (paper, batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs, household waste, plastic caps);

·       Favoring the purchase of eco-responsible office equipment and supplies;

·       Raising the awareness of our teams to environmentally friendly actions and reflexes;



IV. Raising awareness of our employees, partners and clients to environmental and social imperatives


The firm also ensures the effective implementation of the commitments made in this charter:

·       Raising awareness of all our teams to sustainable development;

·       Display of the charter in our offices and on our website;

·       Application and daily monitoring of these commitments;

·       Promotion of well-being at work;

·       Strict compliance with the code of ethics; and

·       Active prevention of conflicts of interest.

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